What's in a name?

June 21, 2020

While I was musing on a name, one night I had a dream.  My dreams have been known to speak to me.  This one told me to look at foreign dictionaries.

I’ve recorded my dreams since 1976.  They’ve trained me to remember them or to write them down in night’s middle hours.  Sometimes a word or two is all I need to trigger me back to the entire dream.

“Look in foreign dictionaries.”

I researched the usual suspects: French [rien]; Italian [niente]; Spanish [nada]; German [nichts].  Next was Portuguese, and Polish.  The latter held the talisman.

Kolorowac: use crayons.

I dropped the third O and added a hard K and a sibilant S to the end of the word, and a crayon name was born.

The name hadn’t been trademarked so I trademarked Kolorwacks™.