An autodidact by nature – driven by curiosity

June 21, 2016

I encourage you to play in the sandbox and discover what the KW is capable of.

I’ve been doing fairs and markets for over 10 years.  When I introduce people to the KW I say: Would you like to take a crayon for a test drive?

Kids’ eyes pop because I’ve mixed two disparate things – driving a car and handling a crayon.  About half the adults who come to my table say they have no artistic talent, at which point I show them what the crayon can do.    

What I communicate to people is that everyone is creative and artistic.  It takes an artist to raise a good kid, to capably fix a car, to make a nurturing meal.

Let that child who maybe didn’t get enough crayons or art materials when growing up out of that story and create a new story.  I know about this because I was one of those kids – whenever I created art my mother made me walk it out to the trash – so this has been a journey to reclaim what was taken from my childhood. 

Kids?  They have showed me a few ways to use this crayon that I hadn’t dreamed of or considered.  Trust that kid.  Park your left brain for a while and engage your right, or creative hemisphere.  Adopt Beginner’s Mind.

In the nearly quarter-century I’ve been experimenting with wax, I’ve learned that the ‘kidling’ inside remembers the feeling of being unfettered by rules and regs about what’s possible.  In my book, kids are the bees’ knees, and larger kids who retain that wonder are members of the same hive.

I’ve created an art tool that creates the art.  I should know because I have two left feet when it comes to art.

Between the sound of flame as it touches the wax, I can hear the grass grow.