FAQ’s for Kolorwacks Crayons
– a unique crayon, art tool & a work of art

# of different colors in each crayon?
At least 42.  It’s my homage to two things: baseball & The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.  The former because I learned baseball from my father.  Then I learned of Jackie Robinson & how he broke the baseball color line & that his number was 42.  The latter because the answer to everything in the Universe is 42.  I have found this to be true.

Advantages of a Kolorwack
You don’t have to switch crayons.
 It’s like having a box of crayons in one crayon.

Artwork on the KW site
All artwork was created by Barbara J Genovese, who has two left feet when it comes to art.  All artwork was created in under 10 seconds. If you were to recreate some of these works of art by longhand – like the spiral logo – it would take eons longer.

Buyers of KW’s
I’ve sold my crayons to kids from 2 to 92.  One young man bought one so he could write letters to his girlfriend.  And – I’ve noticed an interesting pattern: children with autism respond well to the crayon.

Creation time
Sticks take about 30 minutes; stars take 2x as long.

Dimensions of Kolorwacks crayons
.625 inches or 5/8” high
.75 inches ¾” wide
3.5 inches long

1.25 inches high
2.75 inches at the base & 2.25 inches at the top

Fairs & markets sales?
Not at the moment.     

Handmade & source of materials 
Kolorwacks are handmade.  I hand-drip crayons into a mold & in layers – that’s why the colors lay as they do.  So no matter how you twist & turn the crayon, you get something interesting & new.  When the wax hardens, the crayons are removed from the mold & edges trimmed.

Do you use recycled crayons?

Nope.  Here’s why: a) I don’t know where “recycled” crayons have been & I don’t want to clean them.  b) The primary colors are always missing from “recycled” crayons. 

I buy the 96 box of new, non-toxic Crayola crayons but I don’t use all the colors because some colors just don’t play well in the color sandbox.

Instruction booklet – is there one?
Yes – your imagination, curiosity & memory of “play.”  Your fingers & hands will do the rest.

Location of manufacture
US of A

If not satisfied, return it post-paid within 30 days from the date of your order to: 815 Old County Road #15, Brookings OR  97415.  Upon receipt, I’ll issue a credit via your purchase payment method.

Shipping & tracking
Kolorwacks ship out within 48 hours of your order by US Priority Mail – Monday-Friday.  You’ll receive an email with date shipped + tracking number. 

Do you ship internationally?

Kolorwacks is only shipped to addresses in the US of A.  We’re not able to bill or ship to any countries outside of the US of A. 

Temperature at which wax melts
Crayola crayons begin to melt at around 105° F & have a melting point between 120°-147° F.  If it’s this temperature in your ‘hood, I’ll wait till it cools to mail your KW. 

What is a Kolorwack?
– A hand-dripped artisan crayon with 42+ different colors.
 A non-toxic, multi-layered “outside of the box” crayon and art tool, crafted with new crayons, never recycled crayons.

For more info on the origin of the crayon, please see my BLOG Page.

I’m interested in carrying your crayons at my store.  How do I do that?
Use the Contact Form OR call me on my landline = 541.254.9024 [PST] OR kolorwacks@msn.com. 

NOTE: All wholesalers are listed on my website.   

Anything else?  YES – trust the unpredictability to produce Beauty.